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Making better wines at home on Vancouver Island.

Who we are and what we do

The Nanaimo Winemakers are men and women who gather together to make their home winemaking experiences work better.

Purchasing together lowers costs of grapes, juices, barrels, yeasts, supplies and paraphernalia. Members who have found excellent and reliable sources of the basic necessities of winemaking share this information with one another.

NW members normally meet the first Tuesday of every meet month, except for July and August, at the Cavallotti Hall in Nanaimo. The main thrust of the meetings is Education. Support and encouragement are close behind. There is also a monthly newsletter.

Part of learning to make better wine is submitting wines to the scrutiny of peers and judges. To this end an annual NW competition is held in March; members are also involved in the competitions of other clubs as well as the provincial and national competitions for home winemakers.  The Nanaimo Winemakers can help you find your way into these venues.

It’s not all work. There are social events during the year where you can expect wine to feature. And where there is wine, there is food and friendship and a lot of conversation about wine, its merits and making.

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The Nanaimo Winemakers club is affiliated with BCAWA (British Columbia Amateur Winemakers Association) and AWC (Amateur Winemakers of Canada).


2012 Competition

The 2012 NW annual wine competition will be held Saturday, March 3. As usual, the evening includes a gala dinner and social event.

Deadline for entries to the competition is Sunday, February 19, 2012.

For all the details on dinner tickets and the rules of the competition, go here for a PDF document.


Grapes from the Central Coast in 2012

Stay tuned for announcements about the 2012 version of the Club's program to import premium grapes directly from top growers on California's Central Coast, especially Santa Barbara.

Success of this venture will depend on a good level of orders, so start planning your 2012 winemaking program now!